Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pakistan is the richest, most developed country and has most intelligent people on this damn planet

The people in Pakistan have a great sense of humor.Pakistan says India supports Taliban. This is as awesome as saying Bush plotted 9/11 (which some jerk did say anyway). Pakistan should do one thing: detonate their made-in-china bombs in Islamabad and kill themselves. One jerk I met from Pakistan some days back, said this to me: "We have better cars in Pakistan, you Indians buy all cheap ones". What actually happened: there were a few Altos and Santros in the parking lot where he made this comment, this guy had never seen these cars, mainly bacause they don't get any cars in Pakistan, they have to import. And yes, those who import are the ultra-rich 0.1% of the population and and they don't know the world below Merc. Damn, we Indians are poor. We make and buy cars oursleves.

Also, if you get to see news about Pakistan and the channel shows a clip of their parliament, you will be amazed to see so many sedans, all black in color zooming by, as if the road and traffic are at par with Sydney (where I never have been to). I am sure they stage shoot even this and release to news channels. How pathetic.

The picture is what pakistanis think they should drive to office. But, it is a Force India F1. Poor Indians have F1. Eat your shit and die Pakistan.

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  1. well 9/11 was conspired by bush... no doubt in dat...i hope u hav seen the zeitgeist video and other videos on the net.....u simply cant refute those solid evidence man......


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