Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am online because I don't want to chat

Some people have little logic. Some have none at all. They will put on their computer and login to some messenger, just to write in their status message: 'I am working' or 'I am studying' or 'Not available for chat' or the ultimate one 'Not at Desk'.

Dear people, please realise that it takes a lot of energy to run your computer, and much more energy to run the computers that run the internet. You are wasting energy worth more than your pitiful self will ever earn for the world.

There is a button called 'logoff' or 'signout' which you can click on while at work or study or pee. I assure you, studying and working can be done without you being online at all. If you have to work from your computer, there is no need to sign in, and if you have gmail to check but don't want to chat, there is an option for that too. There is absolutely no fucking need of you being online when you don't want to chat. Press alt-cltr-del and pour two litres of double distilled water over your computer. Thankyou.


  1. dear sir,
    there are times when you are chatting with someone, some client and your worthless friends disturb you and intrupt you time and again. so trick works there. but some insane peolple still keep pinging you.

  2. ok. i missed this point. such selfish people...and such dumb... there is an invisible option out there man. and if you want to talk to someone, go ahead, how can anyone stop you from chatting with that special one. suppose, i am talking to bill gates and amit sends me a chat 'hi', i will just ignore that. its very simple.

  3. dear amit
    i was just thinking that how u got such point to say, but then i realized that u r also one among those idiots. hope now i will not see that busy sign on ur profile

  4. talk of an idiot and here he is.
    anyhow me as well as rest of the world will keep practicing this.
    bad luck to you guys.

  5. thread is closed from my side !


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