Monday, October 26, 2009

Indians still getting thrashed on road in Australia

Indians can have better education in Australia, mainly because the people back home will regard them as NRIs and some other people will sell off their daughters to them (with enough dowry to have your own grocery store or taxi in Australia).

When these people get thrashed, they should not complain. Period.

Australia is a racist country. This should be the first geography lesson in schools, especially in Punjab.

The picture has no relevance here whatsoever.


  1. For someone who's writing news, you seem to have quite a bias.

  2. reality is not big boss and roadies.

  3. Thanks for the update, but what I meant to say was that every news has two very different aspects. This post, for example, is an opinion, not news.

    And nice blog. Liked it, and will drop by often.


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