Friday, October 30, 2009

New good ads and bad ads

Amir Khan looks like an idiot in the new Tata Sky Plus 'family dinner' ad (or is he marketing 3 Idiots?). What he says is non-sense and his acting and expressions are equally pathetic. Man, you are the only actor who never let go his ways for the sake of money, you didn't ever do an Amitanh Bachhan in himani hair oil, but now you have done it. I am sad for you.

Also, Deepika, you looked gorgeous in Om Shanti Om when you step out of the car in that red dress (which was the only thing worth watching in this movie). Why the hell did you go with BSNL? (This is the worst kind of brand association attempted. BSNL should feature someone like Himesh Reshammiya or some Bhojpuri stars) In the 3G ad, Deepika sucks. She sucked anyway, people always said that to me, now that she is with BSNL, she really sucks. Goodbye Deepika, you are out of my phone Gallery.

Look at Shahrukh in the latest Airtel ad, he looks so elegant and also conveys the messaage well. This is good, I liked this ad, and now airtel is my phone company, ISP, and TV forever. (thus I really am important)


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