Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ronald Emmerich destroys Earth again

This guy called Ronald Emmerich loves to do one thing: Destroy the planet. He has done this with real heavy CGI in 2012.

If you didn't get what I just said, you are one of those who watch hollywood action flicks in hindia and have no dumb idea about who acts or makes the movie. Since I am sure you are one of them, let me introduce this Ronald to you. He produced 2012 (which will be released on 13 Nov), and has made other movies like 'The Day After Tomorrow', 'Godzilla', '30,000BC' and 'Indepemdence Day'
As you can see, Independence Day and TDAT were about Earth going kapuk and so is 2012. I have read a few reviews and they say this new movie has loads of CGI (computer generated effects, or 'special effects') and action, and a hollow script. So, let's watch it for the CGI!

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